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Leader, Dr. Dom (pianist) & Jia (violinist) - The Parables

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Our company's mission is to glorify God in serving the community with creative and artistic works that enlighten and uplift the human spirit and for the education, training,  development, and encouragement of new playwrights, designers, directors, actors and our audiences.  We received our Not-For-Profit, 501c (3) on December 23rd, 1994 and were housed at Holy Cross Church on 42nd St. in NYC, for 3 years, where we presented many new Christian themed plays, both dramatic and comedic, plus musical reviews and, finally, a wonderful family musical "The Farmer Weds a Widow," written by two octogenarians.  Although we have our roots in the Catholic faith, our outreach is ecumenical.
          In 1997, our founder, Dr Dom Guastaferro, took a new job as the Supervisor of the Arts in the CSD of New Rochelle and gave the theater over to Fr. Gary, who then changed the name to "The Theater at Holy Cross."  As Dr. Dom is now retired, and Fr. Gary moved, he has filed the proper papers with the State and the name has been changed back to it's original one.  One of the main reasons for this was to mount his long time dream of "The Parables," which now, by God's grace, has been accomplished.  We are in the process of  filing with the Federal government for retroactive status, which should be achieved shortly.  Please know that, if you wish to make a donation for this year, there is a good chance you will be able to deduct it.

Jacqueline (clown) - The Parables (click on the picture to more about her)
          The Parables was conceived and written around the time Dr. Dom's dad was ready to be with the Lord and so was dedicated to him, Joseph Guastaferro. He did get to hear some of the music and liked it very much.  Being a trumpet player with many of the famous Big Bands in New York and an avid arranger for his own band back in Buffalo, NY, he had a profound influence on Dr. Dom's music education and love for music, which runs deep in the family history.
          "The Parables" consists of 7 very talented and committed Catholic/Christians who are the "Traveling Troupe of Thespian Theologizers, Singers and Circus Company," and are here to share their talents singing "'bout the Lord from Galilee."  They perform circus bits, act, mime, sing, dance, and educate their audience into the mysterious sayings of the Lord as they apply to real life.  There is little need for a set or lighting and the show can be done in the sanctuary, in an auditorium/gym, or anywhere that will accommodate 7 people.  We carry our own sound system and synthesizer. 

James (Jester / Guitarist) - The Parables
Please call to discuss pricing.  If within the 5 boroughs of NY, we charge $700/show.  If outside, $900/show plus travel expenses.  More than one show can reduce the price.  As donations come in, we are hoping to be able to perform for the underprivileged church schools at a greatly reduced or free venue. (see donation button bellow.) Presently, we are able to travel up to a 100 mile radius of New York City.  We look forward to hearing from you and bringing this unique, entertaining and educational show to your students who are "hungry" for the word!



I. The Traveling Troupe of Thespian Theologizers, Singers, and Circus Company
II. The Mystery of the Parables - (Ensemble Entrance)
Introduction of Ensemble
III. What Is a Parable? - (Ensemble)
IV. The Seed Sower / Song - (MW Solo+ Ensemble) - Q & A
V.  Weeds Among the Wheat - Q & A
VI. The Mustard Seed - (SJ Solo+ Ensemble)
VII.  Hidden Treasure
Costly Pearl
Fish Net
Q & A + Invitation
VIII.  Lest You Be As Little Children - (Ensemble + Selected Children)
IX.  The Talents
X. The Lost Coin - (JK-Solo)
XI.  Birthday Party Dinner Guests
XII. Pride & Humility - (JR/LJ Duet)
XIII. Mystery of the Parable Reprise
XIV.  Finale







To support our work to educate needy children in God's ways.  Please kindly help us.

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